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We believe that dance is for everyone. Regardless of your level of expertise or which form of dance you enjoy, we have a class for you.

The Dance Realm Studios' staff offers a nurturing approach to teaching dance. Each child is an individual and her/his OWN individual talents and growth need to be celebrated during EVERY class. We believe that dance education should be fun and entertaining - and our instructors are not afraid to be a little goofy or "over the top" to make that happen.

Throughout the year, The Dance Realm Studios strive to emphasize the importance of:

  • proper dance terminology and technique

  • positive, energetic and motivational instruction

  • appropriate music and costumes

The Dance Realm Studios maintains a very high standard of excellence in the field of dance-exercise. Director Sue Beiting has over 30 years of dance experience and is certified with D.E.A. Dance Educators of America and a member of I.D.E.A., International Dance-Exercise Association.

Our curriculum is a structured, highly motivational approach to dance education that builds physical as well as social skills, without the stifling effects of an outdated, rigid teaching method. We strive to increase flexibility, balance and rhythm while emphasizing intellectual development, such as working as a team, taking direction, using listening skills, and building longer attention spans. Proper studio etiquette and behavior are encouraged, never losing site of the fun and joy of dancing.

... the gifts that dance training bestows will last a lifetime.

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