Sue Beiting

I strive to offer the best dance education possible for your child.


Dance instruction and proper technique start at a very young age.  I feel that it is imperative that good technique is established at a very early age, so that a dancer can develop at more advanced levels as they get older; such as leaps, turns and advanced combinations.  Ballet especially, is the strong foundation for all dance genres.  There is nothing more rewarding than having the opportunity of working with 3, 4 and 5 year olds and seeing the end result of a polished dancer with proper technique in her/his high school years.  Proper technique at an early age is key.  It is also important to find the “happy medium” between structure and fun. 


I have many ideas for our little ones to offer a fun way to learn the art of dance and to keep them engaged so they LOVE coming to class and look forward to it each and every week! 


As for our intermediate and advanced students, I continue to challenge these girls with new choreography, leaps and turns etc. and also bring in guest instructors for workshops and extra classes! 


I invest my energies into offering all of these things in a fun, positive environment where your dancer will feel connected and loved regardless of her/his age.  I want them to also learn confidence and life skills that will carry on into their future and memories that will last a lifetime. 


Also, that hard work and determination will always pay off in whatever you do.  I am pleased that the team members will be share in my same philosophies. I have been blessed with these amazing instructors who truly care about their students.  These women are, no doubt, part of my family.  Together, we are dedicated in offering these things to every student.


Casey Baynum

WHY DO YOU LOVE TO TEACH? Every age brings its own joys! I love watching a 3 year old come in for the first time, nervous, not wanting to leave their mom... then watching them at the recital performing with a huge smile on their face, as proud as they can be! It is so rewarding! Then, as they grow up, I watch them struggle with a step or trick. We encourage them to work at it and practice and show we believe in them. One day they have that moment of, "I got it!" It is awesome to see the pride and sense of accomplishment on their faces!

Karen Desmond

WHY DO YOU LOVE TO TEACH?  I love watching my students develop as dancers, as well as young ladies. I want them to be as proud of themselves as I am of them. I look forward to featuring my students in single class routines all the way up to large production numbers for tap and ballet. I can also say that "hugs" are my very favorite part.

Molly Ferring

I've taken ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, leaps/turns and hip hop from this studio since I was three years old. I have been a part of the studio competition team since 3rd grade and have done multiple duets and trios throughout the years. I was a member of the Highlands Dance Team for 7 years (2 on the middle school team; 1 on the junior varsity team; 4 on the varsity team). I have been a demonstrator for 5 years and am very excited to start teaching classes and share my love of all dance styles with my students.

Lexi Fitters

I started dancing at this studio when I was 3 years old. I was a member of the Highlands Dance Team for 7 years (Middle School team 6th and 7th grade; Junior Varsity team 8th grade; Varsity team 9th through 12th grade). I have trained in hip hop, pom, ballet, tap and jazz. I’ve also competed and won a couple State Championships for Highlands. I am currently in my 1st year dancing for Northern Kentucky University. I’m very excited to start teaching and sharing my love for dance!

Kairee Franzen

WHY DO I LOVE TO TEACH?  I actually never thought teaching would mean as much to me as performing does, but I get so much satisfaction from it that performing could never give me. I get a kick out of the relationships I make with my students and the impact I can make on them that has nothing to do with actual dance steps. I also love watching someone progress. It's amazing to see someone work so hard toward something and finally achieve it. Now I even have students that ask me to write them letters of recommendation for college or to be a reference on a job application. Knowing that they trust me and that I have made a difference so much that they feel they can turn to me for these things is really fulfilling and somehow humbling at the same time. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Stephanie Lewis

WHY DO YOU LOVE TO TEACH?  Being at the studio was always my favorite place to be. I want to provide the same experience for my students. Their enthusiasm and joy make my job so much fun!

Mariah Nurre

WHY DO YOU LOVE TO TEACH?  I knew at the end of this year that I'm not ready to give up dance just yet, so teaching is how I will be able to keep it in my life. There is nothing like seeing how younger dancers develop throughout the year and how much fun they have performing. I want to show the dancers the love and passion I have for dance, hoping that they will feel the same way!

Sammie Riester

Originally from Greenwood, Indiana. She has trained at the Indianapolis School of Ballet and the notorious School of American Ballet. She has been with the Cincinnati Ballet, since 2015. She has performed multiple works by Artistic Director, Victoria Morgan including THE NUTCRACKER, KING ARTHUR’S CAMELOT, and ROMEO AND JULIET, the lead as “BEAUTY” in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Balanchine rep such as RUBIES and SERENADE, contemporary repertoire including Nicole Fonte’s CARMINA BURANA, and Garret Smith’s FACADES, and many more. 

Katelyn Piercefield

I began my dance career in 2002 at this studio, and started demonstrating for the younger classes at the studio in middle school. I am currently attending NKU, where I will receive an AAIS with a focus in Dance. I’ve always loved teaching and being with kids willing and eager to become better dancers! It’s such a rewarding job as you watch kids progress in just a few months. Along the way, my competitive students have earned many choreography awards as well as most entertaining in overalls!

Abby Weyer

I started dancing when I was 3 years at Pearman Dance Studio in Fort Thomas.  I have taken dance all my life.  I danced for Highlands for a total of 7 years (Highlands Middle School Dance team 6th and 7th grade, Highlands Junior Varsity Dance team my 8th grade year and a four year member of the Varsity dance team).  I am currently in my 4th year dancing for the University of Cincinnati and a Captain of the team.  I am studying early childhood education at UC and plan to be an elementary school teacher.  I’m excited to start teaching and sharing my love for dance. 

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